Why Shogo?

Why Shogo?

Shogo provides a global business automation service that will take care of your daily sales accounting by directly posting your eCom sales or Point of Sale data directly to your accounting system. It offers powerful analysis and can be easily set up with any system. It is currently used worldwide in more than 50 different countries. Shogo has currently processed more than 25 billion in sales, with 12 million accounting entries processed. We’ve helped businesses save more than 2 million hours, and we can help you too.

Seamless Integration

Shogo works with multiple accounting partners and POS and eCom partners. Our POS partners include QuickBooks Online & Desktop, Oracle Netsuite, Sage Intacct and Business Cloud, Xero, Restaurant365, EXACT, and more. We also work with more than 50 different POS and eCom partners, including Square, Shopify, TouchBistro, and many more. With Shogo, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate your POS or eCom solution to your accounting system.

Shogo is cloud-based and works by automatically moving your data from your current eCom or Point of Sale solution to your accounting system. Your accounting ledger will fully include all data, from daily sales, service charges, sales and value-added taxes, discounts, to anything else the customer paid for. It’ll also record data on the customer’s payment method. You’ll be able to group the cards by type so your process can deposit the funds to your bank account easily.

Ease of Setup

Shogo is incredibly easy to set up in just a few simple steps. You just need a few clicks to connect your eCom or Point of Sale solution to Shogo. Choose your current accounting system and authorize the connection to Shogo so that it can access your data. You can map your eCom or Point of Sale reference data to your accounting reference data in Shogo. Once the setup is complete, Shogo will automatically synchronize your sales to the accounting system every morning.

Why Choose Shogo’s Accounting Automation Services?

With Shogo, you will no longer need to manually enter, re-check, and reconcile information from dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of sales. Automating the process will greatly reduce human error and free up resources for more valuable work. With a simple and affordable solution, you’ll be able to save much more time and money every single day.

Don’t be fooled by other services that offer Sage Intacct POS accounting integration as an add-on to their core product offering; it’s a side hustle for them: trying to lure you into purchasing their other products and services.  POS and e-Commerce accounting integration is Shogo’s core product, competency, and focus.  Shogo is the de facto standard for Point of Sale (“POS”) and eCommerce accounting integration 

Shogo offers convenience, transparency, and efficiency. Your sales records will be fully listed and easy to analyze. With Shogo, your employees only need to be familiar with POS and they do not need to learn how to use the accounting software. Integration will also make your business more scalable. You’ll be able to easily make changes to your inventory and pricing without having to do twice the work of data entry.

Our SHOGO Knowledge Base and Help Guides will help you to get started with us. We make it easy to configure your accounting, point of sale, and troubleshoot any potential issues or queries you have. For more information about our accounting automation services, contact us today! Our support team is here to help. You can also sign up for a 14-day trial. It is free and does not require any credit card payments or contracts.