It’s a paradox all restaurant operators face: if you’re doing well, then you’re probably too busy to research the best new software for your company. In-depth product reviews take time and resources – and they’re a necessary part of your growth. Fortunately, technology itself has the power to give business owners more time and better results.

In times past, restaurant technology was only as high-tech as a cash register and a phone. In recent years, foodservice software has grown to encompass an incredible array of options that empower restaurants to make more money.

Point of sale systems are wildly popular, and their use is on the rise. Cash registers basically had 3 functions: opening, closing, and breaking at the worst possible time. Point of sale systems, on the other hand, are powerful computers that use apps to save businesses money, while saving their operators time. The best-rated  Point of Sale systems give restaurants the ability to track inventory, manage wait times, and even increase food safety.

Modern restaurant technology effectively functions as an additional member of the team, tackling the laborious and time-consuming tasks restaurants outsource (if they can afford to). Shogo is proud to be a vital ingredient in the success of many businesses and restaurants.

By integrating your restaurant point of sale with accounting software like Sage or Xero, Shogo is able to access all the relevant information you need to track your finances and prepare your tax information.

Upserve offers a restaurant management platform that’s as unique as your menu. Choose the software integrations that serve your restaurant best, and use them seamlessly with the Breadcrumb POS.

Restaurant managers no longer have to stress over the time and expense of manually tracking financial documents and tax information. That extra time adds up to extra money every day that you utilize Shogo with Upserve. Shogo can be added to your Upserve hardware through the Upserve Marketplace.

Shogo is proud to put accounting expertise in every restaurant that Upserve serves up. See how Shogo can help your restaurant, from the cook line to your bottom line.