When you run a small business, you’re responsible for every aspect of your success. You run daily operations while making high-level decisions. This means everything from hiring employees to designing a marketing strategy. One minute you’re greeting a guest, and the next you’re balancing the books. How do you keep everything moving without sacrificing the quality of your work?

Proper bookkeeping is one of a business owner’s most important responsibilities. However, this task often falls by the wayside. By automating some aspects of bookkeeping, you can save both time and energy. Focus on great service, increase your profit margins, and rest assured that you won’t be losing money when tax time comes around. Here are the top 5 benefits of automated accounting software.

1. Accurate Accounting

Accounting automation not only saves the cost of labor; it also lowers the cost of taxes. It does this in two ways. First, automation cuts down on the X factor of human error. By trusting software to do your calculations, you can avoid any issues due to incorrect math. What’s more, regular updates to your accounting system ensure that you’re always following the most recent tax laws. This saves you from paying unnecessary penalties.

2. One for the History Books

The most powerful automation systems will analyze your business performance for you. Take a look at your sales history, and review a forecast of your future earnings. This information not only lowers your tax bill; it can also improve every aspect of small business.

3. Integrate and Innovate

Accounting automation software integrates directly with your Point of Sale system. Your accounting system instantly accesses your daily sales information, and inputs it into your accounting system directly from your POS. This process eliminates any time you or your staff used to spend doing data entry, as well as any errors that may have resulted from typos. You can lower labor costs and improve accuracy in one fell swoop.

4. An Expert Opinion

Depending on how your business is run, it may still be necessary to hire an accountant. This expert can help you interpret the data saved in your POS and your accounting system, and offer advice when it comes time to send in your taxes. You can save significant time by giving this professional access to your accounting software. This allows them to review data on a granular level. You’ll drastically lower the time you spend preparing to work with an accountant, freeing yourself up to focus on your business. Best of all, you’ll decrease the time it takes for your accountant to complete your financial reports and taxes, lowering your overall spending. Creative License

5. Creative License

As with any kind of automation, automated accounting frees up your time as a business owner. By trusting software to do this important job, you’ll be able to focus on the creative side of your work. Focus on marketing, menu and product management, and employee training, update your website, or redesign your logo. This work is essential to business management. By automating your administrative duties, you can take your business’s success to the next level.

Accounting automation is about more than meeting tax deadlines. It also improves your overall budget, and can even have an impact on guest loyalty. By investing in this powerful software, you’re investing in the long-term success of your business.