Integrating your software saves both time and money. With all your tech tools working together, you don’t have to enter any data manually, thereby cutting down on human error. You can also focus on the more creative aspects of business instead of getting bogged down in the details. Here are the top 3 tech integrations your business needs to succeed.

1. POS + Accounting

By integrating your POS with accounting software, you make sure your budget makes both dollars and sense.  Keep up with the latest laws – from sales tax to labor protections – and you’ll avoid any problems down the line. You’ll also keep your employees happy by streamlining the data that makes their work possible. 

2. POS + Inventory

Your sales are only as good as your inventory. By connecting your POS with your inventory tracking software, you know exactly when to stock up, and how much stock to buy. This also belays the embarrassment of a customer trying to buy an item you don’t have on hand. Give your employees plenty of warning when something is running low, so they can let guests know what to expect. 

3. Accounting + Scheduling

Integrating Shogo with your scheduling software is a must. By comparing your daily, monthly, and quarterly sales with the amount you spend on labor, you can make smarter decision about hiring and staffing. That data will also help you analyze the performance of individual employees. Implement this information to improve staff trainings and daily operations.

In today’s climate, financial planning depends more on technology than ever. It’s not enough to invest in a robust POS; integrating that system with accounting software like Shogois also essential. This empowers you to save as much as possible on major expenses, and appropriately budget the money you have left over.