Your daily posting is broken down into 2 high-level components.
What did the customer pay for?

For ShopKeep, daily sales will post in total at the Sales Department Level. Also included in the posting will be all Discounts & Comps, Service Charges, Sales and Value-Added Taxes, and anything else the customer paid for.

How did they pay for it?

On the other side of the accounting ledger will be the details of how the customer paid. Whether with a credit card, a gift card redemption, cash etc. And for Credit Cards, you can optionally group the cards by type such that the posting will match the way your processor will deposit the funds to your bank account.

 Shogo & ShopKeep integrate with:

QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Oracle NetSuite, Xero, Exact Online, Sage Business Cloud, and Sage Intacct.

Speed Up 
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