Intro to Integration

With a Point of Sale system, your business has a wealth of information available on-demand. This added information gives businesses the data to save money, reduce overhead costs, streamline inventory, and even organize your bookkeeping, among other useful features.

 Shogo allows you to integrate your Point of Sale with your financial software. Shogo seamlessly integrates with multiple POS systems, so you can use leading financial apps like QuickBooks for Windows, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sage One, and Exact.

By integrating your POS or e-commerce system with Shogo, you need only set up your account and make a map of your data between your POS and your accounting system. After the easy 1-2-3 setup process, your accounting system will receive automatic financial postings at the beginning of every business day (for the previous date).

Why Integrate Financials?

Using financial integration for your Point of Sale reduces bookkeeping errors and ensures valuable data is entered accurately, and saved permanently. Managers, accountants, or bookkeepers are no longer required to enter and recheck data manually, saving time and money along the way.

With an accurate picture of financial data, Shogo’s continued reporting offers data-backed insights that let users take a look at historical data from any device, at any time. 

Shogo Offers More

By offering integrations to multiple Point of Sale systems and most of the popular accounting solutions, Shogo makes sure your data is entered accurately. 

Shogo eliminates the need for manual posting by effectively transmitting all of your important data from your Point of Sale solution to your accounting package. Summary and detail postings are both available through Shogo. For more information on the different types of postings, and which works best for your specific business, please consult this comprehensive report from Account Ex Network.

Shogo doesn’t lock users into long-term contracts. Our product works so well, we’re happy to let users decide for themselves whether Shogo is the best financial integration software to meet their needs. 

Get Sho-going!

With best-in-class partnerships and features, Shogo offers great value to businesses looking to integrate accounting software to their Point of Sale. Please check our knowledge base if you have more questions about how Shogo works with your specific configuration.