Accounting software like Shogo is essential for meeting a business’s financial goals. Daily reports keep you up to date on sales, and empower you to make quick decisions. But how does this tool help you achieve long-term goals? Here at top 3 ways accounting software can help you plan for the future. 

1. Labor Costs

Shogo can track dollars in and out each day. This information lets you compare your daily profits with the cost of labor. It’s important to strike a balance with your schedule: make sure you have enough employees on hand to make customers feel welcome without breaking the bank. Granular details about your busiest rush periods will help you make smarter staffing decisions. 

2. Inventory Info

Are you wasting money on spoiled inventory? Remember that spoilage applies to more than food. For example, you won’t be selling “Merry Christmas” stationary in July. Some of these items can be saved for the following year, but many of them just go to waste. Tracking your sales for the prior year can help you predict how popular an item will be in the future. 

3. Financial Planning

Your business has several major expenses each year, such as rent and equipment maintenance. Daily reports will tell you how much money you need to save to be ready for these costs. Use this data to avoid unpleasant surprises and keep your business in the black. Shogo is agile enough to keep you up to date on how your daily profits impact long-term financial success.

Some business owners see bookkeeping as a necessary evil. With the right tools, however, it can be a joy to plan ahead for the health of your business. Review reports, but trust that your software can handle most of the math. This leaves you free to focus on improving your business practices across the board.