Intuit’s QuickBooks is an important part of the accounting process for businesses of every kind. As a giant in the accounting software industry, when QuickBooks decides to discontinue support for a version, businesses using their products need to understand how they’ll be affected.

This article from AccountingEX offers an excellent overview on Quickbooks’ plans for supporting their existing versions. Here’s a quick cheat-sheet to give you an overview of what to expect:


What discontinuation means for your Quickbooks 2014 desktop products:

  • Basic QB 2014 product will continue working.
  • Intuit’s add-ons such as online banking, desktop payroll, etc. is no longer available unless you upgrade to a newer version.
  • Live technical support from Intuit is no longer available.
  • Intuit no longer guarantees retrieval of lost keycodes or registration for discontinued products.
  • Intuit won’t provide replacement discs or product manuals, but older products can still be downloaded.

This decision will affecting the following Intuit products:

  • QuickBooks Pro 2014
  • QuickBooks Premier 2014
  • QuickBooks Accountant 2014
  • QuickBooks for Mac 2014
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions V14



Which QuickBooks versions are still supported?

QB is currently only offering support for QB  2015-17 support currently. If their current life cycles continue to hold true, it’s likely QB 2015 support will be discontinued in May 2018.


Why Is Quickbooks discontinuing 2014 product support?

QuickBooks has launched QuickBooks Online, a subscription-based version of QuickBooks software that lives in the cloud. In recent years, there’s been significant migration of software suites towards monthly subscription models as seen with Microsoft Office 365.

Cloud-based software allows customers to outsource IT concerns that arise with traditional Quickbooks versions. This model allows QuickBooks to offer iterative support, and ensure stability among its user base by making sure everyone’s using the best available version of QuickBooks.If you’re unsure, read more about which QuickBooks version is right for your business.


How will this affect my Shogo Service?

It won’t! We will continue to work with both versions of the product to ensure every type of QuickBooks user is supported in using Shogo to automate your accounting. QuickBooks’ migration towards online accounting is sure to attract a popular following, and Shogo’s products will continue to make your accounting easier no matter which version of Quickbooks you choose.