We are in the midst of a technological revolution. Businesses around the world are coming to rely on powerful software for every aspect of sales: from tracking inventory to promoting new items. As these tools change the way business works, entrepreneurs need equally powerful software to take care of their business.

More and more, business technology is based in the cloud. Many Point of Sale systems empower you to check in on your daily sales from anywhere in the world. Inventory tracking systems automatically log your recent acquisitions, and help track which items need to be used first. Accounting software is no exception. Here are the top 3 reasons to consider cloud-based accounting software for your business.

1. Oh, the Humanity!

With cloud-based software that automatically migrates your data from one system to another, you vastly decrease the risk of human error. Instead of losing important information to typos – or worse, to damaged upload files – you can rest assured that all the data you need will make the journey safely. This process also keeps your data even safer, since it gets saved to fewer computers, and is seen by fewer people overall. Even with the best employees in the world, computers can be vulnerable to viruses or cyberattacks. Cloud-based storage minimizes these risks while improving the accuracy of your books.

2. All in the Timing

How much time do you and your staff spend entering, reviewing, and correcting your sales data?  With cloud-based accounting software, you can greatly reduce that time. Leave your staff to focus on your customers, while you get extra time to make big decisions about your business’s future. On the most practical level, the price of a software subscription can’t compare with the cost of your hourly rate, over the course of countless hours each year.


3. Disaster Recovery

It happens to the best of us: the internet goes down, the computer freezes, the app runs into an error, and hours of work are at risk. When you work alone, these moments are not only more common; they’re much more dangerous. Cloud-based reporting minimizes errors like these by backing up your work even while you’re in the system. And if your computer breaks or gets stolen, there’s no need to worry about a security breach; your sensitive information is password protected online. 


It’s no surprise that more and more business owners have their heads in the clouds. In some ways, that’s been true for a long time – it takes a dreamer to build a successful business from the ground up. Cloud-based accounting software is the practical solution to make your dreams come true, for a long time to come.