For Retailers

For Retailers

Accounting automation software is becoming more popular. Shogo is a business automation service that provides accounting automation solutions in more than 50 countries. It will automatically capture all of your business data from your point of sale and eCom solutions, including expenses, sales, payroll, inventory, and more. Shogo will upload all of the data every day into your preferred accounting system to generate financial reports with minimal human involvement.  You will no longer need to manually enter, re-check, and reconcile every transaction. This helps retailers to save more time and money.

Understanding Retailers

With the shift towards online shopping, many brick-and-mortar brands have gone bust. Retailers need to adapt to the changing commercial landscape, and one of the ways is to automate financial functions. With the growth in e-commerce transactions, manually processing and analyzing high volumes of data is likely to lead to accounting errors, and inaccurate financial statements can result in issues such as scrutiny by auditors, fines, and even financial scandals. Accounting automation solutions can solve this.

How Shogo can Help Retailers

Business owners might skip granular purchases and only key in daily or weekly sales figures to save time. However, this results in incomplete accounting records that can cause inconveniences in the future, especially if there’s a purchase that requires correction. As a business automation service, Shogo will integrate POS and eCom entries into your accounting software, listing all your data in a transparent and convenient manner.

Shogo will help business owners to accurately analyze and interpret financial data, presenting the data in comprehensive reports. The real-time customer data helps you to make better strategic decisions, such as optimizing inventory purchasing decisions.

Shogo is capable of dealing with large volumes of data from multiple locations and compiling them into a single accounting system. You’ll be able to compare key performance indicators across locations and use the data to improve your sales and marketing plans. Shogo will help you to achieve your goals and succeed as a business.

Why Choose Shogo’s POS and Accounting Automation Solutions?

Many businesses fail within two years due to poor financial management. If you’re a small business owner, hiring an accountant to keep track of your finances can be incredibly expensive. Automation is important, especially for small businesses in order to streamline your work process. It is much more affordable than hiring an accountant.

Shogo will help you to analyze your data and create financial reports without requiring manual data entry. You’ll no longer have to suffer from discrepancies in your finances and spend long weekends trying to figure things out. Investing in an accounting automation solution will save you a lot of labor, time, and money. Since it offers multi-location support and provides error-free data entry, Shogo is one of the most popular accounting automation solutions.

As Shogo is cloud-based, you’ll always be able to access your financial data at anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to look at past reports and stay ahead of the trends. Shogo’s cloud-based service also provides increased security. Your data and private information will be safe as Shogo automates your workflows.

For more information about our accounting automation solutions for retailers, contact us today! You can also sign up for a 14-day trial. It is free and does not require any credit card payments or contracts.