For Food Service Businesses and Bars

For Food Service Businesses and Bars

Shogo offers e-commerce and point of sale accounting automation solutions for food service establishments and bars. Shogo will make it much easier for business owners by taking care of daily sales accounting, processing hundreds or thousands of individual transactions and compiling them into convenient reports based on their needs.

Understanding Food Service Businesses and Bars

It is incredibly important for foodservice establishments to make enough revenue to cover expenses. Accounting takes care of your financial information such as your revenue, inventory levels, cash flow, and income statements. It will allow you to gauge how well your business is performing and help you to plan for the future. Having clear financials will help make better business decisions as you’ll understand which menu items are selling the best and what expenses cost you the most. It will help you to reduce food waste, theft, budget mismanagement, and customer dissatisfaction.

How Shogo can Help Food Service Businesses and Bars

Accounting manually requires you to pay strong attention to detail as you deal with a large amount of data. All information has to be organized and accurate. Due to the large financial data you have to compile and analyze, it can be easy to make mistakes especially if you don’t have an accounting background. These mistakes can escalate into bigger problems if they are not noticed.

Shogo can reduce the workload of accountants by organizing and automatically processing data so accountants can spend more time on meaningful analysis rather than simple tasks like data entry. Shogo will provide the highest accuracy of accounting by removing the chances of human error.

Since Shogo can integrate financial data from multiple locations such as for restaurant chains, operators can easily generate financial records to rank stores according to different metrics such as customer traffic, sales, average ticket price, and more. With Shogo’s business intelligence reporting, it comes easier to have a cumulative view of accounting activity for comparisons. These key performance indicators can be compared across all locations to help improve business operations.

Why Choose Shogo’s POS and Accounting Automation Solutions?

As a cloud-based service, Shogo integrates data from a business’s point of sale or e-commerce solution to their current account systems to generate daily sales reports every morning. Shogo is partnered with the world’s leading POS systems and accounting software and can be set up seamlessly with a few clicks.

When you choose Shogo, Shogo will take over the labor-intensive, low-yielding work such as finding and fixing errors, reconciling bank and control accounts, and more. Due to Shogo’s cloud-based services, you will be able to pull reports from past months and examine your performance easily.

Shogo is versatile and can be used in both in-store and online sales. Additionally, Shogo offers multi-venue synchronization. It will draw data from multiple venues and send it to your accounting system of choice. Thereafter, you can generate financial reports for each venue or generate a combined report to illustrate your company’s overall sales.

For more information about our accounting automation solutions for food service businesses and bars, contact us today! Our professional team has extensive POS and commerce experience. They will be able to guide you through the accounting automation process and teach you all of the key features. You can also sign up for a 14-day trial. It is free and does not require any credit card payments or contracts.