For Accountants

For Accountants

Shogo is a professional business automation service perfect for business owners, bookkeepers, and accountants who need to automate their data entry process. It offers automated integration between their users’ point of sale or eCom solution and their accounting system, so they do not need to enter the data manually. As a cloud-based service, Shogo offers great scalability with reduced costs and operational footprints.

Understanding Accountants

An accountant is a professional who interprets and keeps financial records. They are in charge of finance-related tasks for businesses and organizations or individual clients. They have to ensure that financial documents are accurate and prepare important financial reports. Other than that, they also have to file taxes, offer solutions and guidance for better finance solutions, and even conduct risk analysis assessments.

Accountants have multiple important skills, such as strong attention to detail, analytical skills, mathematical skills, and business acumen. As tactical business advisors, accountants will help their clients to achieve business goals by budgeting and monitoring cash flow. Accountants also help clients to avoid audits and help with tax reductions through their guidance and counsel. If you do not have an accountant, you’re likely to be audited due to making mistakes on tax forms and excessive write-offs.

How Shogo can Help Accountants

Automating the data aggregation process between Point of Sale and eCom solutions to your accounting software can help you to save tens and even hundreds of hours. Shogo’s integrations offer 100 percent accuracy without any errors. Accountants will no longer need to worry about human error and manually keying in data. Shogo will show you your daily sales summary and subcategories based on sales, discounts, service fees, and more.

Shogo is able to deal with a wide variety of data. It will be able to include discounts, loyalty programs, sales and value-added tax, service charges, and more! Shogo can also group card types so that depositing funds to your bank account becomes easier. By automating the booking of daily sales activity, Shogo reduces the need for manual data entry and other tedious reconciliations.

Why Choose Shogo’s POS and Accounting Automation Solutions?

Automating your accounting processing and reconciling your sales data will help you to save time and money so you can focus on other important tasks. Shogo’s POS and accounting automation solutions are easy to configure and set up. They are also easy to integrate into existing systems and offer powerful analytical capabilities. Shogo will generate daily sales reports every morning without delay. You can also customize the time for Shogo to generate the report so it can match your time zone and business hours.

Small and medium businesses around the world are automating the accounting process through Shogo. Our accounting automation is applicable to more than 50 countries. With Shogo, sales, payment, and transactions are all automatically synchronized into clear, easy-to-understand reports. We are a trusted service provider that has processed over 12 million accounting entries.

For more information about our accounting automation solutions for accountants, contact us today! Our friendly customer service representatives will guide you through our accounting automation solutions. You can also sign up for a 14-day trial to experience for yourself the convenience of automating your account!