In today’s marketplace, businesses have a long list of choices when deciding which software will help their business compete in today’s marketplace. With costs of business operation rising, the money operators can save with the right technology continues to be a deciding factor between making profits and taking losses.


Putting the Great In Integrated Software

Shogo’s best feature might very well be the long list of integrations that help Shogo users organize their finances. Shogo empowers users to connect with more kinds of Point of Sale systems and types of accounting software.

Shogo is one of the only accounting automation solutions that works with both online and desktop versions of Quickbooks, as well as Xero, Exxact, and Sage. Shogo’s ability to plug n’ play well with others gives operators more choices and fewer headaches. Shogo recognizes that every business has unique needs, and offers a modular solution for accounting integration that works when and where you need it to.


Transactional or Summary Integrations?

Shogo’s integrations offer more robust feature sets that provide more useful data for later analysis. Bank reconciliations often require summary and aggregations of summary data rather than transactional data. Businesses can collect the data they need using summary integrations like Shogo’s, rather than relying on the transactional data found in other accounting software.

Transactional integrations usually require many calculations that span multiple business days. While this can be done, it takes a significant amount of time and energy, and can be a counterintuitive process. With Shogo, business operators can simply plug their Point of Sale into accounting integration and let the software handle any complex computations.

Shogo’s numbers will match the actual transfer a business owner makes, without adding more work or potential errors to your bookkeeping duties.


How Many Locations are You Managing?

Tracking classes allow managers to add multiple locations of the same business to one Quickbooks account. This is invaluable for managers and operators with several locations to manage at once.

If you manage one location of a business, then you can probably flip a coin for how useful tracking classes will be to your organization. However,  for those with franchises and multiple locations, Shogo keeps the books neatly labeled for each transaction at every store you run.

Shogo tracks sales tax through multiple locations in multiple states, allowing larger chains to have holistic data on all locations in one place. The differential in sales taxes might not seem like a big deal – until your numbers don’t add up when tax season arrives.


More to Process

When processors make deposits to your bank account, they withhold their profit – so you’re ultimately making a net deposit. Shogo pre-books this fee for businesses, which adds convenience by letting you associate this fee directly with the merchant processor’s fee.

Shogo is oriented around analytics, bank reconciliations, and accounting. This software is not a matter of brute force data entry; rather it’s focused on an intelligent collection of data that offers insights and analytics businesses can use to increase their financial health.  

Shogo has features that save businesses time and money on taxes each year. Shop around to understand what accounting integration features are crucial for your business, and make sure you pick an integration that streamlines and organizes your bookkeeping.