Accounting Automation

Accounting Automation

Shogo is a cloud-based accounting automation system with multiple accounting and POS integration partners. With 3 easy steps, Shogo is easy to configure and makes it easy for users to map their point of sale data to their accounting system, including taxes, revenue, revenues offsets, cash drawer events, and tenders.

Understanding Accounting Automation Solutions

Accounting Automation Solutions will seamlessly process your point of sale and eCom data and transfer them into your accounting system. It will accurately organize all your transactions into easy-to-understand daily sales reports.

For Accountants              

An accountant has to ensure that all financial documents are accurate and in accordance with laws and regulations. Other than creating and maintaining financial reports and explaining them to others, accountants also need to file taxes and identify ways to improve cost-efficiency and enhance revenue, removing unnecessary costs and smoothing out cash flow. Accountants also conduct forecasting and risk analysis assessments to help organizations run smoothly. Through the use of key performance indicators (KPIs), accountants will help businesses to make strategic decisions to drive revenue and profits.

With an Accounting Automation Solution, accountants will no longer have to spend time tracking down receipts and reconciling balance sheets due to errors in data entry. Shogo will do it all for you. By reducing the time spent on labor-intensive and repetitive tasks such as data entry, accountants will be able to focus on other important aspects of their job. Shogo allows accountants to stay up to date on sales and expenses without spending dozens of hours crunching numbers.

For Food Service Businesses and Bars    

Shogo offers services to food service businesses and bars in all 50 US states and multiple countries worldwide. Shogo helps foodservice establishments to increase operation services and increase efficiencies by taking over labor-intensive accounting tasks, saving each restaurant an average of 100 hours per location.

For Retailers     

Shogo is a cloud-based accounting automation service that can seamlessly automate the daily sales activities of retailers. It will automatically record daily sales activity between the retailers’ POS system and accounting system without the need for manual data re-entry and other time-consuming reconciliations. You’ll be able to receive clear financial reports, track revenue, identify trends, forecast future growth, and maintain accurate ledgers for your business.

Shogo will also allow you to sort results by category sales so you can see which items profitable and which ones are aren’t selling. You’ll be able to compare data across time periods and locations. This helps you to make better business decisions.

Why Choose Shogo’s Accounting Automation Solutions?

Shogo will take care of your daily sales accounting by sending your Point of Sale or eCom data to your preferred accounting system every morning. You’ll be able to receive a summary report and choose from other detailed posting options. Utilizing Shogo’s services is incredibly easy since you do not need to purchase any hardware. Simply log in and let the software do all the work.

For more information about our accounting automation solutions, contact us today! Our professional customer service representatives will be able to answer all of your questions.  You can also sign up for a 14-day trial. It is free and does not require any credit card payments or contracts.