Point of Sale and eCom accounting automation  Automated integration between your Point-of-Sale or eCom solution and your accounting system

Easy Integration. Robust Configurability. Powerful Analysis.

What  does Shogo do?

Shogo is a business automation service that automatically posts your Point of Sale or eCom sales data directly to your accounting system every day.  Basically: Shogo takes care of your daily sales accounting so you don’t need to.

Shogo works in the cloud to move your data seamlessly from your Point of Sale or eCom Solution to your Accounting System: Automatically.  Every Day.

Setup takes just a few simple steps


How does Shogo work?

Connect your Point of Sale or eCom solution to Shogo in just a few clicks


Select your accounting system and authorize the connection to Shogo.


Map your Point of Sale or eCom Reference data to your Accounting Reference Data in Shogo.


Once you're all set up, Shogo syncs your sales to your accounting system each morning, automatically.


Why  do you need Shogo?

That’s a simple answer: Why waste time manually entering, then re-checking and reconciling your sales information?  Shogo is the de facto standard for Point of Sale and eCom accounting integration:  Saving you Time and Money.  Every Day.

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